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The Professional Theatre Company is Nelson’s brand-new home of storytelling. Stories about us. Stories from afar. Stories to make us think, grow and laugh. Unforgettable shared experiences, powered by the brilliant professional talent right here in our region. 


We’re here to connect and inspire, expand understanding and bring genuine joy and delight through the region’s very own Professional Theatre Company.


The Energy Centre at Founders Heritage Park
Dec 1st - Dec 10th 2023

This performance will literally spin our whakapapa and our heritage on its axis. Written by Gregory Cooper, this 80-minute hair-raising, hilarious tongue-in-cheek race through our whole history as a city and a region will be the equivalent of being put in a spin dryer on maximum revolutions. 

Doug Brooks, Donna Botha and Greg Cooper himself will be the wizards that wiz our audiences through this incredible journey of our city, Nelson, Whakatū's history.

Fasten your seat belts, bring support for your sides and rubber bands for your jaw bones as the laughter, the learning and the love of our city explodes out of the Energy Centre at Founders Heritage Park in December.


If you miss this, you miss breathing. This will be the answer to the doldrums of the fiscal downturn as tickets are priced so the whole family can enjoy this miraculous second outing from the Professional Theatre Company, Whakatū, Nelson.

CHONA, Nelson


At the heart of The Professional Theatre Company is an annual programme of entertaining, moving and thought-provoking productions that will be showcased at the treasured Theatre Royal as well as various other venues across the Nelson region. Our repertoire consists of an array of performances, including newly commissioned works by talented New Zealand playwrights, beloved classics, and stories that reflect our place, our whānau, our challenges and our joys. We want everyone in our community to feel they belong to something that is truly ‘ours’.

NOVEMBER 14th 2024
Le Sud

Theatre Royal

Writer: Dave Armstrong (NZ)

Opening Nov 14th - Closing Dec 2nd

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